International Centre for Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Certificate and Diploma in TA Psychotherapy – on the way to CTA or to an MSc

Julie Hay has worked with others to introduce the same sequencing of qualifications for TA psychotherapy as she has developed over the years for the developmental applications of TA.  These provide opportunities for students to gain certifications at various stages during their training, rather than the international process which sees an attendance certificate for a TA introductory course followed several years later by accreditation as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) – which leads to a high dropout rate by students who then have no reward for the years of study that they have completed.  ​As a guide, those who complete a year of advanced TA training (usually about 9 or 10 attendances at 2-day workshops monthly, with alternative webinar options in some cases) and apply the TA as professionals to help others, can obtain a competence-based Certificate.  Another year of attendance can lead to a Diploma, with a further couple of years needed to get the international certification.

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